My name is Ahmed. I have been a teacher for around 4 years and have taught in high schools, private lessons and online lessons. I have a bachelors degree in Teaching Business English and IELTS Coach Specialist certificate accredited by the ministry of education in the UK . Arabic and French are my mother tongue. I have learnt and I speak French because it is the second language in my homeland Tunisia. I hold a teaching certificate for French Language from 'Alliance Française'. We all learn in a different way and I'd like to help you find what way which works best for you.

My methodology 

       I have a deep love for languages and teaching, and will happily target our classes to the particular preferences and requirements of the student. I enjoy the process of aiding students as they gain mastery over the English language and feel personal satisfaction when I see them gain confidence and skill in its use. I’m confident in my ability to achieve groundbreaking results with you.

Preperation for IELTS and TOEFL exams

      IELTS is a highly technical exam that rewards students with a higher score for those who adhere to structure. But by learning a few tips and tricks about the exam and methods to help the students, I will give help to my students to move them in the right direction when it comes to getting the required grade they need, and provide them while building their own skills for each step in the exam.

The exam is generally conducted on computer and covers all four key areas, including speaking, reading, writing and listening. I will be teaching TOEFL by emphasising the structure of the exam and dealing with integrated activities. The integrated activities require the use of different skills, such as a spoken response to a reading passage followed by a listening passage. No matter what, with a little bit of preparation and some guidance , YOU will pass the exam.
Other than being emotionally intelligent and motivated, I have a Warm inspirational personality that has left a lasting impact on my career.
I would welcome the chance to discuss objectives. I can help you attain them.

For Arabic language :

It's time to work with a native and a professional online Arabic tutor to reach your goal of becoming a proficient speaker.

For French language :

Do you want to speak French without boring grammar lessons? You are going or you want to travel ot France? Or just you want to discover French culture? I'm here to talk with you and to teach you French!
I help you to speak french, to get confidence when speaking, and improve your skills quickly.

Pourquoi me choisir ?

- J'enseigne à TOUS les publics: enfants, adolescents, adultes en entreprises ou simples amoureux de la langue
- Je prépare également mes étudiants aux examens officiels
- J'adapte TOUS mes cours en fonction des besoins/demandes de mes élèves !
- Je base TOUS mes cours sur les 4 compétences du CECR (plus grammaire)
- Je privilégie toujours l'ORAL et l'aspect LUDIQUE de la langue
- Je suis complètement passionné par mon travail de professeur et je vous ferai aimer (encore plus! ) la langue française !
J'ai moi-même été étudiant en langues (et je le suis toujours! ) et je connais bien les difficultés dans l'apprentissage d'une langue étrangère, alors n'hésitez pas à m'écrire !

A très bientôt : )

Feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.

Les offres
Anglais - À partir de 15€/h
Arabe - À partir de 15€/h
FLE (français langue étrangère) - À partir de 10€/h
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