Veronika Kusová

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À propos de Veronika


Hi, I'm Veronika, I'm from Czech Republic and I've been teaching English for 5 years now. I have a degree in Translating and Interpreting and several certificates of my C2 level of English. Right now I'm working on my Master and writing a thesis about multilingualism in Europe. Languages are my hobby, however, my French is yet to be much improved. For this reason, my classes are taught exclusively in English (or Czech, if you like ;).

Quel a été votre parcours ?

I'm finishing my Master in Translating and Interpreting and while writing my thesis, I give classes of English in Tenerife (Spain) and online. As of my professional experience, I've been a part-time English teacher for 5 years now, working for several language agencies in the Czech Republic. I also work as a freelance translator, profreader and interpreter. In 2015, I worked for the translation department at the Council of the EU as a trainee.

Quel est le domaine dans lequel vous souhaitez enseigner et à quel public ?

I teach all kinds of English - everyday English, academic English, business English, English for traveling... I can prepare you for an English exam, be it CAE, TOEFL or any other. So far I have mostly worked with adults but I can teach anyone who has at least basic knowledge of English. I don't speak French and all my classes are thus ONLY in English. My students should have at least A2 level of English.

Qu’est-ce qui vous fascine par rapport à votre domaine d’étude ?

Languages are like living organisms. They change and constantly evolve. Some things I was taught when learning English are not used anymore and more and more new phrases, expressions and even words are coming up every day. If you want to be up to date, you can never stop learning and that is, in my opinion, absolutely fascinating, Lose the language from sight for a while and in might run so far ahead that you'll never catch up with it again...

Pourquoi êtes-vous un bon prof ? Quel est la méthode de travail que vous utilisez ?

It might be surpsrising but I consider my biggest asset the fact that I am NOT a native speaker of English. Don't get me wrong, I've studied the language for almost 20 years so I'm pretty damn good at it but I had to learn it step by step. All the words, all the grammar rules, they didn't come to me naturaly. I had to find connections, tricks and patterns to understand why things work the way they do. And I would be more than happy to share these tricks with my students.

Comment avez-vous acquis votre expérience pour enseigner ?

I have tons of experience with teaching. I've taught managers and businessmen, grannies, factory workers, young exchange students from France, Spain, Italy and Turkey, and now I live in Tenerife, Spain and teach locals. I've done this for 5 years now :)

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